Becoming a Franchisee

Caffissimo is branching out across Perth. It is now offering to investors, business owners, coffee afficionados and anyone with an interest in the hospitality industry the opportunity to be a part of this exciting concept.

Success in the hospitality industry depends on being in the best location. Caffissimo has quickly established itself as a desirable retail brand and as a result the company is being offered blue chip sites, rarely available to the open market.

Mike Barr, Wendy Barr and Simon Monaghan's extensive experience, combined with outstanding locations and significant resource outlay combine to create the best in contemporary cafes, forming a strong foundation from which a very successful operation is being built.

Coffee lovers have already followed their noses to Caffissimo in Perth's CBD, St Georges Terrace including: Caffissimo 256, Floreat Forum, West Perth and many more locations. Now the discerning business person can also enjoy what Caffissimo offers.

To find out more about your suitability for this exciting opportunity, please fill in our Caffissimo Franchisee Profile Questionnaire and return it to Caffissimo HQ via email.